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Maritime surveillance, domain awareness, and shoreline border security represent a daunting challenge considering the vast areas to be monitored, weather related access limitations and the considerable amount of manpower required. Yet, the importance of eliminating illegal activities such as human trafficking, narcotics, and illegal border crossings is ever increasing due to the severe and negative consequences such issues inflict on impacted countries’ economies, security and overall national wellbeing. Hence, technologies and solutions that would reduce manpower needs, increase unattended surveillance sensors (radars, sonars, and such) and monitoring technology deployment and sustained in-ocean operation, all while providing real time communication, processing and data transmission capabilities, are critical.

Coast Guard
Maritime security assets deployed after detection of threat.
(Source: US Coast Guard photo by PO3 Dustin Williams, identified by DVIDS.)

OPT’s PB3 as previously demonstrated in ocean tests, can extend the capability of existing assets to enable improved maritime security and interdiction. The higher power output of the PB3 can support multiple sensors and communications equipment, all on a stable platform, for a more robust, comprehensive solution. This unique solution will enable a cost effective approach to overcoming the significant shortcomings in the area of surveillance and detection as discussed above. Additional advantages such as cost reductions resulting from reduced human intervention, economies of scale and reduced O&M will result in overall reduced Life Cycle Costs.