Communications is a vital part of daily life for people and businesses around the world. In today’s competitive economy, fast and reliable communication is a necessary part of a businesses’ survival. While communication infrastructure is widely available on land, options to communicate offshore and over large bodies of water are far less plentiful and the cost to use them increases the further away you are from the coast. Today, our vast oceans and seas, which cover 70% of the Earth’s surface, do not have communication networks. The current networks can be extended or new networks can be installed; however, the effort required can be very expensive, bandwidth limited, and time consuming due to lack of existing infrastructure.

The PowerBuoy® provides a reliable and sustainable source of remote power, while at the same time providing a stable communications platform to enable expansion of existing networks, or development of new networks. The PowerBuoy® can generate the remote power that is required to operate the receivers and transmission equipment which make up the communications networks. The PowerBuoy® also provides a robust platform to mount communications equipment where there is no existing infrastructure. The PowerBuoy® solution will allow end users to expand their operational range, both during commercial and recreational activities, while simultaneously increasing revenue for telecommunications service providers.

Figure 1: An example of a PowerBuoy® in a repeater application.

PowerBuoy® applications include:
Providing an offshore communications platform capable of:

Quick-install communications platform for use after emergencies, disasters, or where communications infrastructure is insufficient or lacking.

Figure 2. The PowerBuoy® providing communications and data links among undersea sensors and equipment, an offshore rig, and a land based operations center.