We are looking for creative and innovative team members to help us shape the future of our company.

Ocean Power Technologies is a leader in the development and commercialization of innovative ocean wave energy conversion technologies and products branded as PowerBuoy. Our PowerBuoy systems convert the heaving motion of the waves into reliable and persistent electric power. Our PB3 PowerBuoy is a commercial product and currently being commercialized to a variety of markets to include oil and gas, metocean, defense and security as well as communications.

Technical Sales Engineer

The Technical Sales Engineer will work in a specialist area of business to business sales which involves selling our PB3 PowerBuoy and providing technical insight to our clients and potentials.

Systems Engineer

The Systems Engineer is a motivated and creative engineer with a focus on cutting edge multi – disciplined systems engineering technologies and capabilities as they relate to hydrodynamics of floating bodies, signal processing such as time series and spectral analyses.

Contract Specialist

The Contract Specialist will collaborate closely with internal stakeholders, the Company’s General Counsel, and external stakeholders for contract review and negotiation of contract terms and conditions, contract risk identification and mitigation, contract interpretation, and fulfillment of the contract. The Contract Specialist has primary responsibility for all supplier, business partner, customer contracts and Intellectual Property matters.

Bid Specialist

The Bid Specialist is responsible for developing a project scoping document, project estimates, cash flow model, project schedule, and bid response documents for Rough Order of Magnitude (ROM), budgetary estimates, and Requests for Proposals (RFP). The specialist will support the bid process workflow, report on progress and status, and ensure timely completion of bid reviews.

Manufacturing and Test Technician

The Manufacturing and Test Technician will be responsible things such as General mechanical and electrical assembly-alignment, tolerancing, leveling, bolting, and wiring. They will also be responsible for assembly of power conversion equipment according to design prints, specifications, industry practice workmanship standards, procedures, and instructions from project personnel.

Electrical Engineer

The Electrical Engineer is a motivated, creative experienced engineer with a focus on Developing, designing and testing power management and conversion systems for ocean wave applications. He/she drives a systems view of problem solving while executing detailed engineering activities in their field of expertise.

Project Manager

The Project Manager is a motivated, creative experienced engineer and leader with a focus on inter-department and multi-disciplined team coordination and cooperation. He/she drives business priorities, program execution needs and a systems view of problem solving while executing detailed engineering activities in their specific field of expertise.