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OPT's PowerBuoy® wave generation system uses a "smart," oceangoing buoy to capture and convert wave energy into low-cost, clean electricity.

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The rising and falling of the waves offshore causes the buoy to move freely up and down. The resultant mechanical stroking is converted via a sophisticated power take-off to drive an electrical generator. The generated wave power is transmitted ashore via an underwater power cable.

An OPT power station would have a very low "surface profile". It is barely visible from shore.

Sensors on the PowerBuoy continuously monitor the performance of the various subsystems and surrounding ocean environment. Data is transmitted to shore in real time. In the event of very large oncoming waves, the system automatically locks up and ceases power production. When the wave heights return to normal, the system unlocks and recommences energy conversion and transmission of the electrical power ashore.

• Buoys are spaced to maximize energy capture.

• Rugged, simple steel construction.

• Utilizes conventional mooring systems.

• Simple installation using existing marine vessels and infrastructure.

• Scalable to large power stations (100+ megawatts).

• Attained certification by Lloyd’s Register of Mark 3 PowerBuoy structure and mooring system for survivability
  in harsh wave conditions.

• Grid connection certified by Intertek Ltd. for compliance with IEEE and UL Standards.

• US Department of Energy has assessed PowerBuoy Mark 3 as highest-rated wave energy system for commercial readiness (TRL 7-8).

PowerBuoy Prototype Products

New Name

Previous Name


Autonomous PowerBuoy (APB)


APB 10


10 watts, continuous

APB 35


35 watts, continuous

APB 350


350 watts, continuous

Autonomous Power Module (APM)


APM 10


10 watts, continuous

APM 35


35 watts, continuous

Utility PowerBuoys


Mark 3


866 kW, peak generator rating

Mark 4


2,400 kW, peak generator rating