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Utility Scale Systems

Ocean Power Technologies' PowerBuoy® is designed to convert ocean wave energy into useable electrical power for utility-scale grid-connected applications. The PowerBuoy can be deployed in arrays scalable to hundreds of megawatts.


Potential uses include:

  • Generating electricity in commercial-scale utility power plants providing up to hundreds of megawatts of endless, clean, renewable energy from the ocean’s waves.

  • Providing power to grid applications and large energy users for:

    • Cities and large towns with isolated grids or in remote locations

    • Department of Defense bases worldwide

    • Powering oil and gas platforms

  • Making clean, fresh drinking water from ocean water

  • Producing hydrogen from seawater by electrolysis

  • Providing power and cooling for floating computing centers

  • Processing natural resources in remote areas and “off-grid” applications

  • Powering CO2 sequestration applications in depleted marine oil fields

The PowerBuoy has undergone
ocean testing in both the Atlantic
and Pacific Oceans.

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Recent Utility Scale Projects

Marine Corps Base Hawaii
SantoƱa, Spain
Reedsport, Oregon