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Ocean Power Technologies' Autonomous Power Buoy® (APB) converts ocean wave energy into useable electrical power for remote and near-shore at-sea applications, where power from shore is unavailable or inaccessible. The APB has been proven effective and reliable in sea trials and can be tailored to meet the weight, volume and power generation requirements for a wide variety of marine, mariculture, scientific, communications, maritime safety, homeland security, and military applications.

Advantages of APB Technology

Powered by the endless source of ocean waves.
Proprietary power storage and management system allows energy
  production even when there are no waves.
Completely autonomous (independent of shore power) and not
  grid connected.
Environmentally benign.
Station keeping capability.
Oceangoing “platform” for mounting communications and instrumentation.
Accommodates and powers various payloads.
Provides a stable communications and instrument platform, including for
  cell phones, allowing “Talk on Water”™ capability.
Easily deployed and retrieved in all water depths.
Able to utilize various anchor and mooring systems.
Designed for long-term ocean survivability.
Low life-cycle costs.


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PowerBuoy Data Sheet.

Applications for APB Technology

Commercial fish farming / mariculture operations far
from shore.

Seaborne oil, gas and communications platforms.

Defense-related maritime surveillance and
Tsunami detection.

Diverse scientific applications, including oceanic observation platforms, sensor packages, and multi-disciplinary oceanic environmental analyses sensor networks.

Ocean Power Technologies Typical Autonomous PowerBuoys

APB Class

Continuous Power




 5 - 20 watts


150 - 200 watts


5 kilowatts - 10 kilowatts


Recent Autonomous Power Systems Project

US Navy’s Littoral Expeditionary Autonomous PowerBuoy (LEAP), New Jersey

Additional Information or Questions?

Ocean Power Technologies can engineer an Autonomous PowerBuoy for specific applications.  For additional information on how Autonomous PowerBuoys can serve your marine power needs in deep water or near-shore applications, please contact:

Deborah Montagna
Vice President
Phone: +1 609 730 0400 ext. 221


The Autonomous PowerBuoy is protected under US and International patents. “Talk on Water™” refers to the receiving and transmitting of cellular telephone signals and electrical signals on buoys and distributed in bodies of water. A trademark has been issued by the US Patent & Trademark Office.