Autonomous PB40 PowerBuoy® being readied for deployment.

The PB40 is a 40 kW-capable self-powered wave energy harvesting system designed for both stand-alone autonomous (off-grid) or integrated network applications with higher average power requirements >1 kiloWatt (kW). A typical average power range is on the order of 9 – 15 kW, depending on the deployment site. A small network of PB40s can be utilized to provide higher power with higher availability to more power-intensive offshore applications such as pipeline valve operators, compressors, and pipeline heaters. 

The high performance wave energy conversion system generates power in even moderate wave environments. The spar buoy design provides a stable and robust platform ideal for the motion-sensitive sensors. The design is rugged and accounts for extreme ocean conditions and against external aggression. The platform stability combined with sustained electric power supply enables increased measurement and surveillance capabilities to ocean observing and defense & security applications.     

The PB40 is equipped with remote monitoring and diagnostic capabilities allowing for proactive maintenance strategies, thus increasing availability and operational effectiveness. It supports communications by Wi-Fi, cellular, and satellite. 

Select PB40 specifications are noted below.