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OPT’s newest addition to its utility-scale product line is the Mark 3 PowerBuoy®.  The first utility-scale Mark 3 PowerBuoy, fabricated in Scotland, was deployed in 2011 off the Eastern coast of Scotland for ocean trials. A second Mark 3 PowerBuoy is being fabricated in Portland, Oregon, and is planned for deployment in Oregon. The deployment of the first utility-scale Mark 3 PowerBuoy in Scotland in the North Sea marked an important milestone in the Company’s commercial development. 

The Mark 3 PowerBuoy offers many features for wave energy projects. It generates power with wave heights between 1 and 6 meters (3.3 to 19.6 feet). OPT’s mooring approach and PowerBuoy structure permit deployment of the PowerBuoy system across a wide combination of storm wave, tidal, and current conditions, making it suitable for a broad range of wave climates. The Mark 3 is typically configured in arrays of two to three rows, minimizing the footprint of the project.

The Mark 3 PowerBuoy drives a generator with an 866 kilowatt peak rating. Typical capacity factors for the Mark 3 range between 30% to 45%, depending on location. The PowerBuoy provides grid-quality electricity and is independently certified to meet all required grid interconnection standards. The PowerBuoy has fiberoptic communications and Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA) systems.

In January 2011 OPT achieved the world’s first Lloyd’s Register certification for the Mark 3 utility-scale wave power device. This provides independent, third-party assurance on the design of the Mark 3 PowerBuoy for its intended use, as analyzed against international standards, and its survivability in severe wave conditions.

OPT has also developed an Undersea Substation Pod (USP) for which a patent has been issued to OPT, which can aggregate the electrical output from up to ten PowerBuoys into a single transmission cable to shore. This approach minimizes costs of submarine transmission cable to the shore-based interconnection. The USP provides control and SCADA capability for all connected PowerBuoys. 

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Mark 3 PowerBuoy Dimensions in Meters
(Exclusive of Moorings)


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