Our Core Values

Unwavering Integrity
Everyone at OPT has the power to influence our company’s reputation. Never allow anything or anyone to compromise our commitment to integrity, and always conduct ourselves ethically.  Recognize that just because something is legal, it does not mean that it is the right thing to do.

Safety as a Priority
Safety is first in our workplace.  Demand a safe work environment before anything else.  Embrace safety as a personal responsibility, and always look out for fellow colleagues.  Be proud of where we work, and seek to continuously improve it.

Fanatical External Focus
Customers are the single most important stakeholders in our business.  Be responsive, results-oriented, and accountable.  Demonstrate a fanatical focus on delivering on commitments and continue to honor our customers.

Fixate on Execution
Be infectious with curiosity, and contagious with desire to continuously learn and improve.  Have impact every day.  Find new ways to share our expertise.  Communicate clearly and frequently.  Do what needs to be done, and hold each other accountable for execution and results.  Never say "it cannot be done“.  Instead, use our collective innovation to find a path to success.

Put the Team First
Teamwork denotes a responsibility and a commitment to something larger than one’s self. Value inclusiveness and open collaboration as the means to achieve our goals.  Be transparent with our knowledge and expertise, and be brutally honest with the highest level of respect.  Recognize the need for work/life balance.  Inspire trust within our team which promotes continuous learning and improvement. 

Be Courageous
Overcome our fear of failure through optimism and perseverance.  Exercise versatility, flexibility, and clear thinking in the wake of uncertainty.  Be adaptable.  Demonstrate courage in every challenge and in every decision.